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(Originally written for Threeandin)

We’ve all heard the reasons why Liverpool CAN’T win the league this year. Let’s spin this for the eternal Merseyside optimists amongst us. Here are three reasons why Liverpool CAN win the league.

  • Attacking Trio
    Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho are three of the best players in the league. Already this season Sturridge has netted six goals from seven appearances, Suarez has scored three times in the two matches since his return, and although Coutinho is currently injured, he will certainly look to recapture the majestical form that made him unplayable towards the second half of last season. Not only do the front two score goals, they weave one-two passes quickly and directly and provide countless assists for one another. With Coutinho coming in and sitting behind, he will look to add further creativity and threat towards goal from distance and from within the penalty area.
  • No Dominant Team
    Moyes is struggling to rouse his players at Manchester United, Mourinho is no longer invincible, Manchester City are hot and cold, Tottenham are without cohesion, and Arsenal are Arsenal. These are the teams Liverpool must overcome to win the league. None of them are showing any signs of superiority. Except maybe Arsenal. Despite losing their first game, Arsenal are looking a neat team now they’ve acquired Mesut Ozil, but will need to display the consistency that has let them down in the past and left them without a trophy since 2005.
  • 5-3-2
    In returning to a 5-3-2 formation, one used very often by former manager Roy Evans, Liverpool are able to display a solid back line, with four competent centre backs fighting for three spaces, two wing-backs, relieving Enrique and Johnson of disciplined defending responsibilities, and are able to play Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho in their preferred positions. At home, the wing backs will provide attacking play and effectively turn into wingers, giving the team more attacking options, while away, they are an outlet for counter attacking play as well as dropping deep to turn the defensive line into a 5-strong unit. The formation is suited to the players Liverpool have at their disposal, and with Gerrard looking to control the middle of the park, it can result in solid and productive performances.

So, can Liverpool win the league?